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Clairemont Craftsman Full Home Remodel

This house was rebuilt from the ground up. The yard was dirt and needed a fun and functional design. See how it turned out.

Fire pit and Lounge Area

We covered the patio with a light structure and a waterproof shade sail above. It lets in a lot of light without the direct sunlight. The circular firepit provides a ton of heat and can seat 6-8 people comfortably. Photo: J.Dixx

Fire Pit Among Turf, ADU, and Vegetable Garden

This is how it turned out. Concrete with an accent of flagstone; seatwall w/concrete cap; artificial turf; D.G. pathway; raised wooden garden boxes. By Tony Vitale

Boulder on Pathway to Vegetable Garden

Natural boulders set in the landscape within the planting areas. In the background are raised wood box vegetable gardens filled with herbs and vegetables. These boxes are made of redwood and filled with rich composted soil ready to feed the plants.

Corner Raised Vegetable and Herb Garden

These are raised vegetable boxes at perfect height, 24" high. The are equipped with automatic drip irrigation system.

Outdoor Dining Area with Cover and Cafe Lights

This is a typical outdoor living and dining area created by Landscape Logic. We have a built-in seatwall in the back for fixed seating and a raised planter bed. The pergola has a waterproof shade sail above to keep the dining table dry from the elements. The bbq is up against the house and ready for grilling. We love to put up wall art on the fence and we used potted plants for this one. Photo by Tony Vitale

Full Color Plantings and Artificial Turf Front Yard

After 2 years of growth the front yard is a completely established water wise garden designed by Landscape Logic and team. Irrigation and water is minimal, now down to 2 days per week. Photo: J.Dixx

Front Yard Plants Getting Established

This is the front yard designed and completed by Landscape Logic. A nice compilation of artificial turf, dry river bed, low water plants, mulch, etc.. The maintenance here is little to none. The plants selected were meant to have little pruning required; this is their established size. Photo by: Tony Vitale

Front Yard Beautiful Entry Landscape

The front yard and entry walkway is flanked by soft mounds of artificial turf along with a mosaic of orange and deep red hughes within the plants. Designed and built by Landscape Logic. Photo: J.Dixx

Modern Bubbling Urn Waterfeature

This is a bubbling urn water feature. The basin is underground which houses the pump. The fountain has a modern style and lends a nice sound to the backyard. This backyard was designed and built by Landscape Logic. Photo by: Tony Vitale

Corner Lot with Barrier Wall and Tree

This front yard was designed and built by Tony Vitale of Landscape Logic. The yard was designed to be low-maintenance and drought tolerant which is has been since it was installed. The house is on a corner and gets lots of exposure and compliments from people walking by.

Colorful Plants in Front Yard Compliment House Color

A colorful planting design that will remain the same throughout the year. Designed and built by Tony Vitale of Landscape Logic, this front yard stole the show in the entire neighborhood. People can't stop walking by and taking photos of the yard. The plants have established nicely and the color of these plants last throughout the year.