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Bay Park Makeover

Landscape Logic was hired by a young family who was in dire need of a front yard remodel. After having a newborn, they really knew that the front yard was an important place to spend time with the baby and to know their neighbors. We also gave some guidance on making minor upgrades to the house so that everything was a cohesive fit. See how it all turned out.

Bay Park Makeover

Landscape Logic transformed this dated yard into a very functional and friendy front yard for a young family. Photo: M. Orenich

Creating a Courtyard Wall and a Play Area

Landscape Logic designed new retaining walls to enclose the front yard for the family and their 1-year old to play and feel safe. Photo: M. Orenich

Panoramic View of the Front Yard Makeover

Landscape Logic helped transform not only the yard and driveway but also gave input and recommendations for the facelift of the house; new paint on the walls and trim, along with new window surrounds. Photo: M. Orenich

Front Entrance and Staircase

We created this beautiful entrance that welcomes you into the house. The new retaining walls help terrace the yard and make it more usable space. Photo: M. Orenich

Bay Park Makeover

Notice the pavers in the driveway how they go from rectangle to random-shape as you make your way to the staircase. This is a very unique design and very challenging to install. Not a recommended DIY project. Photo: M. Orenich

Belgard Paver Walkway and Steps

The use of the artificial turf helps bring out the bright colors as well as soften the hardscape at the entrance. This is a typical design idea for Landscape Logic. Photo: M. Orenich

Retaining Wall and Olive Tree

Notice how the wall helps expand the yard and make the property look larger. There was an existing slope here belore that we removed. Photo: M. Orenich

Natural Boulders Nestled into the Landscape

Here's another angle that shows the transition from random-shaped flagstone pavers to rectangle pavers. Another feature was to include natural boulders into the landscape to create depth and height. Photo: M. Orenich

Staircase to the Main Entrance

Landscape Logic has a special way of designing entrances so that you feel welcomed as you enter the property. We did this here by making the staircase up to 5 feet wide and implementing soft curves. Photo: M. Orenich